Here are a few of the Services we provide to our members.  If you are interested in learning about additional services,  please feel free to call our office.
Our Services
Park Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago

Pension Requests
Pension Estimates
In order to request a Pension Estimate or start the process to retire and draw a pension, please call (312) 553-9265. Please have the following information available : Social Security Number, Date of Retirement, Birth Date, Spouses Name as well as Spouses Birth Date.
Refund Request
You can request a Refund by contacting the Fund's office at (312) 553-9265.   Please have the following information available: Social Security Number, Last day of Employment and Birth Date.
To request a  Repayment of a Refund of previous contributions, you must contact the Fund at (312) 553-9265.  Please have the following information available:  Social Security Number and Birth Date.
Refund Repayment
Direct Deposit

As of July 1, 2011, when you retire you must have your monthly retirement payment "direct deposited" to your bank account.  You  may download and complete the form found here . Forms need to be mailed to the Fund office in order for the change to be administered.